What Virtiz do?

Virtiz is a service for server management and application deployment. Controlling all of your servers, freeing up your time to focus on more important tasks and making server deployment simple and fast. We support all types of PHP frameworks such as Laravelopen in new window, Symfonyopen in new window, Statamicopen in new window, Wordpressopen in new window, it can also be used for vanilla PHP applications.

How it works?

After connect your preferred server provider, just create a new server. You can specify which server type you want to create based on your needs, and we start to deal with the configuration of all these services:

  • Nginx web server
  • PHP (including multiple version support)
  • Database (MySQL, Postgres, Redis)
  • Logrotate
  • Swap memory
  • Automatic security updates
  • UFW firewall
  • Supervisor

After that it is available for you to manage visually: new sites, SSL certificates, scheduled jobs, daemons, SSH keys, deploys, and much more.

Bug report

We are happy to checkout any kind of bug reports you provide. Please help us find any incorrect or non-working section please let us know at [email protected]