Daemon is a Supervisoropen in new window, that allows its users to control a number of processes on UNIX-like operating systems, when dealing with scripts like Laravel Horizonopen in new window or similar tasks that require background execution.

Adding Daemon

When adding a new daemon, you should supply the following information:

CommandSpecify the command that the daemon should execute. For instance, you might input something like php artisan websockets:serve.
UserDesignate the operating system user responsible for invoking the command. Typically, the virtiz user is the default choice.
DirectoryDetermine the directory from which the command should run. You can leave this field empty if it's not applicable.
ProcessesThis setting governs the number of concurrent process instances to maintain.
Start SecondsDefine the number of seconds Supervisor should allow for the daemon to gracefully conclude its operations before resorting to forced termination.
Stop SecondsIndicate the signal to be used for terminating the program when a stop request is initiated.