SSH Keys


SSH, or Secure Shell, is a protocol that grants access to your server through a command line terminal. It uses SSH keys to verify and establish a secure connection over this protocol with your server.

After adding your SSH key to your server, you may SSH into the server using username virtiz without a password:


Generating SSH Key

If you do not have any SSH key pair inside your computer, simply enter ssh-keygen -t RSA into the terminal ( applicable for Linux & MacOS). You can then retrieve the SSH public key by typing cat ~/.ssh/ This public key can be registered inside Virtiz.

Adding SSH Key

To add the SSH Key to your server, you need to fill in the data below:

AliasHelp identify the key.
SSH KeyThe SSH public key get from cat ~/.ssh/

Deleting SSH Key

Removing an SSH Key will result in its deletion from the server. However, it's important to note that this action will not lead to the automatic logout of the user associated with the key.