Source Control


Virtiz can use source providers to access your site's codebase, allowing for continuous and easy application deployment. Currently supports github and gitlab, but we intend to add more git providers in the future.

Supported Providers

Currently supported providers

Provider Management

Connecting Providers

You can connect to any of the supported source control providers when you need through Settings > Source Controls.

Unlinking Providers

You can unlink a connected source control provider by clicking the Disconnect button.


If you unlink a source control provider, you will be unable to deploy sites that depend on it in the future. Existing deployments will be unaffected.

Common Problems

GitHub Repository Is Not Listing

If after connecting your GitHub to Virtiz you end up creating future organizations, the application may not have access permission to connect to its repositories, to give permission you need to go to Applicationsopen in new window and grant the organization access.